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At CM Business Advisors we work with and for you and help inject much needed common sense into your business structure. Our purpose is to match a business demand with an apt solution. No two individuals are alike, each having unique strengths and challenges. Similarly, each business venture is unique with its milestones and stumbling blocks. The success of the business is piecing all the puzzles and keeping it together.

We at CMBA hope to be that missing puzzle which completes your business needs. We hope to be the  professionals you seek to get the job done right the first time so that you can set out to do what you do best. Why?

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You are probably very skilled with what you do, to turn it into a business venture. The prospect of being your own boss would have been thrilling not to forget the exhilarating feeling of watching your business grow with new customers and loyal regulars. However, as time goes  by you won’t be able to say the same. After the initial burst of excitement in starting up a business, the day-to-day operations of the business may start to wane the enthusiasm of the business owner and may even appear mundane to some.

Many small business owners may have the business sense or even great ideas to build the business but find themselves falling short from their competitors when it comes to the general operations of the business. Also, small business owners may not have the financial capacity to hire help to manage with the different aspects of the business unlike their larger competitors.

Is your business requiring more and more of your time to maintain, but yet lack the growth you anticipate ? Is your business becoming your life  rather than a means to your livelihood? Do you have the overwhelming feeling of your business caving into you while you grapple alone? Are you experiencing any of the following at this point of your business?

· Declining profits, markets, efficiency

· In spite all efforts of initiating improvements, the results are somehow disappointing

· Lost in business focus

· Uncomfortably deep in the bank’s line of credit

· Loan facilities becoming overly burdensome

· Business declined to the turnaround stage

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